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Microblading is a method of manually implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create a look of fuller brows. It is the latest development in semi-permanent make-up, and the natural looks are achieved using a sharp hand-held blade made up of at least seven micro-needles. This technique does not outline and completely fill the brow outlines with color; it allows the person to get hair-like strokes into the skin. The method targets only the first three skin layers, unlike tattoos that reach the seven layers. Due to this superficial application, the strokes are sharp, crisp and mimic look of real hair. The new brows also last for a long time, about one to three years depending on the environmental exposure that the eyebrow receives. Learn more about laser hair removal here. 


There are many benefits associated with microblading such as the reduction in the amount of time spent preparing in the morning. Women always have to spend time in the morning to look presentable to the world and this can take up a lot of time and become tiresome. Microblading saves one time that might have been spent working on the eyebrows. 


Microblading has its origins in Asia where it was used on cancer patients who had lost a lot of eyebrow hair due to chemotherapy. The procedure can benefit anyone who is undergoing any form of hair loss or lack of hair in the eyebrows either due to chemotherapy or skin diseases like alopecia. The crisp look that microblading does makes it hard for someone to tell that they have had the procedure done thus removing the need for the unsightly presentation of penciled eyebrows. You can also get photofacial today!


Microblading does not smudge or smear off since it reaches into the first three skin layers. Thus for clients with an active lifestyle and that love to work out they do not have to worry about smudges that result from regular makeup. This leaves customers with the comfort to participate in any active game of their choice be it yoga or even football.


Microblading is a fast technique and only takes one and a half hours to do, and the client gets three years of worry free brows. This will save the customer time during the procedure; it can even be squeezed in between a lunch break, and voila, after lunch, the client has a classy and sassy look that remains unchanged for the next three years. 


The other advantage is that the procedure is almost painless because in the first session the microblading artist will use a very strong numbing cream that dulls all the pain. The only sensation that clients feel is a 'carving' sensation during the procedure. For more info read